Guidance for Visitors to Werneth Low Golf Club

We hope you enjoy your time as a visitor at Werneth Low Golf Club and ask that you make yourself familiar with the guidance below. All visitors are asked to abide by this guidance and have a responsibility to remind others about this guidance if they are seen to be diverging from it.

Locker Rooms
Visitors must use the Locker Room when changing their shoes. Do not use the car park as a place to get yourself ready for playing golf.

Dress Code on the Golf Course
All players must wear appropriate golf clothing and golf shoes while playing the course. It is requested that shirts are tucked in at all times. Trainers, combat style clothing, jeans, jogging suits, football shirts, vests and collarless shirts are not allowed. Tailored shorts may be worn, but abbreviated shorts and beach shorts are not allowed.
Caps and hats should be appropriate to the weather conditions at the time.

Dress Code in the Clubhouse
Visitors are asked to consider the appropriateness of their dress and are requested to wear smart casual attire when using the clubhouse. It is preferred that jeans are not worn, but it is recognised these may be appropriate on informal social occasions. Jogging suits, football shirts, vests and collarless shirts are not allowed. Tailored shorts may be worn, but abbreviated shorts and beach shorts are not allowed. No hats or caps or waterproofs are to be worn in the clubhouse.

Mobile Phones
On the golf course do not use mobile phones except in an emergency. When in the clubhouse keep your mobile phone on silent. If you need to make or take a call go into the entrance foyer or onto the balcony.
Please respect other members and guests in the clubhouse and avoid disturbing or annoying them by using your mobile phone.

Smoking and the use of vapour and electronic cigarettes is not allowed in the clubhouse, the professionals shop or the office. You are allowed to smoke in the designated smoking area or on the balcony.

Respect for the Club Employees
The club aims to protect its employees against unacceptable behaviour that may compromise their safety, health and/or welfare; therefore any form of violence, harassment and abuse against staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Health and Safety
We want you to enjoy yourselves playing golf at Werneth Low, but members, visitors must ensure it is possible to play without endangering the Green Staff, other golfers and the public. You have a duty of care not to behave in such a way as to endanger others by your actions, particularly when driving off from a tee. Make yourself aware of the Green Staff working on the course and the public using the rights of way across and around the course before you take your next shot.

The Greens Staff have priority on the course at all times. Under no circumstances must you play to a green if work is in progress in or around the green or if it occupied by other golfers. The Green Staff will stand aside when appropriate and signal that play can continue.

All the club’s employees and contractors have been instructed to report all incidents relating to golfers playing in an inappropriate manner.

The club is not responsible for the property or actions, negligent or otherwise, of visitors. That being said, due to recent litigation appertaining to injuries sustained by members of the public and golfers caused by the action of golfers, the Directors agreed to introduce mandatory golf insurance for public liability. This extends to all visitors and is included in their green fee.

Junior players under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times otherwise their insurance cover is void.

Cars parked at the golf club are left at the owner’s risk.

Public Footpaths
Care must be taken particularly on the holes across the road from the clubhouse, where there may be members of the public who have right of way on the footpaths that run alongside the golf course.
Golfers must not tee off on holes 4, 7, 9, 10, 15 and 18 if people are on the footpaths.