Membership Payment Terms


For the majority of members their annual renewal invoices will go out next week for the 1st April. It is essential that members look out for this in their e-mails and make an early payment once they receive their bill.
If, at renewal, a payment is not received within 3 weeks of 1st April (for most), as set out in the ‘payment arrangements’ below, the members’ booking privileges will be blocked. This is because in past years some members have decided not to renew but not said so, and others have played for several months without, in effect, being members.
Please be aware that if booking privileges are blocked, it could be around 2 weeks before they are re-instated.
As a reminder, renewal is a 12 month commitment by members to pay their subscription in full, irrespective of the number of times they play.
It is recognised and much appreciated that many members have established regular payment arrangements but, for clarification, the payment terms have been set for several years and are:
• The ‘legacy’ scheme where some members continue to pay over 12 months via standing order. This arrangement can continue for those members, but is no longer available otherwise.
• Payment of the full amount at the start of the year (1st April)
• Half payment at the start of the year (1st April) and second half no more than 6 months later.
• Monthly payments, ideally by bank ‘standing order’ over no more than 8 months.
Ensuring we receive prompt and regular payment is essential for the Club’s viability. Please note, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure they make payments on time, ideally by standing order or bank transfer. Other payment methods are available viz: cash/card ‘across’ the clubhouse bar, or via the Professional’s shop. Members can view their subscription status on the V1 app. If further assistance or clarification on any points is required, please email to:
During the year, any member whose payments become overdue by 2 weeks will be blocked from the club booking systems and therefore unable to play. Members whose payments are overdue by 4 weeks will be considered to have resigned their membership but are expected to fulfil their commitment to pay a full year’s subscription. Failure to do so may result in the debt being pursued for recovery.

The Directors and Membership Secretary
March 2022